Building Management Systems

SC Technologies, a division of Summit Contractors, specializes in the installation and service of open protocol, service of existing proprietary, and intelligent HVAC systems in Michigan and surrounding areas. We provide our clients with cost effective solutions to meet their building automation needs. With the resources for design, installation, commissioning and service/long-term support, we can give you control of your facility.

Building Management Systems Services

As an independent controls contractor, we are able to select products which best fit our client’s needs. Web-based systems allow easy and secure access to your facility through the Internet or an Intranet. BACnet compliant DDC controls enable the integration of automatic temperature controls, mechanical equipment, security, fire alarm, life safety, lighting control and energy conservation. This technology enhances our ability to provide comfortable, energy efficient buildings. We create a wide variety of solutions to effectively manage and control building systems and energy usage, resulting in maximum operating efficiency.

Preventative Maintenance

Regular visits from our service technician can help head off emergency calls before they happen. Computer performance, network speed, and sensor calibration are just a few of the items that can benefit from regular service attention

Service Department

SC Technologies is proud to deliver superior maintenance service thanks to the depth of experience of our technicians and engineers, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Remote Management

With 24-hour remote building management, we can save you time and money by providing constant monitoring and troubleshooting. The easy-to-use Front-End allows technicians to diagnose issues in minutes versus hours, and can be programmed to proactively notify you or your facility manager via text, email, or smartphone if there is a problem.

Retro Commissioning

Over time, performance of critical field devices can degrade. S.C. Technologies can individually activate and verify critical system components, and document their performance. “Hands-on” inspection of these devices in action is the only way to ensure the most efficient and comfortable environment.

Project Management

At SC Technologies, Project Management is the key to a successful building automation system implementation. Our approach is unique because as our customer, you receive a single point of contact that can manage your project from proposal through commissioning. Because our Project Managers handle the operations and implementation, they are better equipped to accurately estimate the job and provide measurable customer value – and they can ensure that the job is completed successfully, on budget and on time.


SC Technologies provides full engineering services, including installation drawings, engineered submittals, software engineering, energy engineering, commissioning, and an as-built package submitted at the end of the project to document what was installed. Our highly trained engineers work on Design-Build and Plan/Specification projects and are readily available to assist Project Managers as needed. We custom design systems to meet the unique requirements of our clients.


After the engineering phase is complete, we custom program each system according to the customer’s particular needs. Our programmers are not only skilled in computer programming, but also have years of DDC and HVAC field experience and a keen sense of the customer service experience.

Panel Fabrication

SC Technologies fabricates all control panels in our panel shop using the highest quality control components available.

System Commissioning

After the engineering, programming, and installation phases, our technicians make sure the system works, is accurate and does what it was designed to do. Commissioning of a building, the most important phase of the project, is handled by our most experienced technicians.

Systems Training

Training can come in two main formats: Factory training, and on-site training at your schedule. S.C. Technologies can sponsor your employees at the factory for 1-2 week classes or alternatively, set up smaller blocks of training at your site, on your schedule.




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